How I Do It: Keeping Track of & Leveling Classroom Library Books

Ever been new to a grade level?  Or changed schools?  Or have you just been starting out?  Yeah, me too.  There’s nothing quite like the words “guided reading” to get everyone into a panic about how to do it.  So, over the past six years I’ve attended hundreds of hours of PD on guided reading, presented Fountas & Pinnell PD to other teachers, explained how running records work and so on and so forth.

Do you know what I’ve found?   That every, single year I do it differently.

I’m going to share with you today the takeaways from this lengthy experience with the dreaded GRL.  This first bit will be all about leveling & managing your Classroom Library.

Over time, I have completely leveled my classroom library.  One of my first years teaching I came across a blog post (sorry, whoever you were – I can’t remember, but props to you because you are a lifesaver) that said to add a sticker to every book in your library with your name on it.  I printed pages of Avery labels with this on each label: pleasereturntostickers

Trust me.  Do this.  Print way more than you think you’ll ever need.  Keep them in a folder next to your desk or in your desk and every time that Scholastic Book Box shows up take that baby out.  Then, write the book’s GRL on the label and stick it on there when you’ve first brought it into your classroom.  BOOM.  Library managed.



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