Freebie! Thanking Parent Volunteers

At the end of every year, our school does an amazing Parent Volunteer Luncheon in which they invite all of the parents in for a special treat.  The lunches are potluck prepared by the teachers at our school (my usual contribution is a tasty salad).  The children come down by grade level to perform for their parents quickly and then return upstairs.  The day is full of thanks and wonderful memories for these special moms and dads.

As an additional bonus, the First Grade Team sends a small gift home at the end of the year to thank our frequent volunteers.  The helpers who have signed up to come in and help us week in and week out throughout the year.  Last year, one of our team mates found adorable citrus printed towels at Target.  We decided to roll them up, tie a ribbon around them and insert some packets of Crystal Light Lemonade into the bundle.  We tied this tag that I whipped up to the ribbons and send them home for the parents in their childrens’ backpacks.

Eoy volunteer tags

They turned out so cute!  Some other adorable ideas to use them for would be to:

  • tie it to lemon scented hand soap or lotion
  • stick it to a box of lemonheads or jelly oranges.
  • stick it to a lemonade dispenser and put them out for an end of the year celebration.
  • stick one to a can or bottle of orange soda or orange juice.

Enjoy the freebie!  It can be easily downloaded at my TPT store as a PDF file!  

An editable powerpoint version is also available in my TPT store if you have your own cute saying or would like to change the font or colorway.   🙂


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